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Audio Interface

Apogee Duet

Apogee Duet

The Apogee Duet is a highly popular 24 bit 2 channel firewire interface by Apogee, a noted manufacturer of high end audio converters. The Duet is noted for it's pristine preamps and ultra clean converters that create a sweet professional sound.

Some of the features unique to the Apogee Duet is that has a sleek, stylish aluminum body that looks similar to the MacBook Pro.

The 2 Preamps offer a whopping 75dB of gain per channel, which is almost unheard of in small portable audio interfaces. The Duet is bus powered and can can use a sample rate up to 96kHz and to keep it small and portable, includes a set of break out cables rather than the i/o built into the unit. This allows the interface to be small and portable, and nicely suited for macbook/macbook pro production on the go.

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The breakout cables offer two balanced XLR inputs with selectable phantom power as well as two unbalanced Hi Z instrument inputs. Also included are two unbalanced -10dBv line outputs to connect to your powered studio monitors.

Keep in mind that Apogee Duet is for MAC users only, but the Duet directly interfaces with Apple's Logic Pro, Soundtrack, and GarageBand. If you wish to use other Core software supplications such as Cubase or Digital Performer, Apogee includes a software control interface called Maestro. Maestro allows you to control input source selection, input and output level control, mic/instrument gain mode, and things of that nature.

Another unique feature for the Apogee Duet is the multi function controller knob. This allows you to control levels, assign channels, and manage other functions all at the touch of a button. An added bonus a feature often missing from many portable interfaces is an levels meter. The Duet comes equipped with an multi segment LED level meter for displaying your audio inputs and output.


Small, portable, ultra high quality audio, easy integration with apple audio programs.


Mac only, no MIDI, on the pricey side for a 2 channel audio interface.

Minimum System requirements:

Mac G4 1 Ghz or faster, G5 or Intel CPU
1 GB memory, 2GB recommended
10.4.1 or greater
FireWire 400 port

Buy it here:

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